Another one of those toooo long days I’m afraid.

In addition to lending thoughts to evil plans >_>, I’ve managed to get about 10 minutes driving in for the day (oi), but by a stroke of luck was able to get in an hours night driving! Because I have spent so many years in the dark, even drawing by nothing more then TV light, my night vision is very well developed. By now my eyes are probably closer to a cats then an average humans at night lol. I was able to see greater then 80-85% of normal when we were out, and that was about 95% of the time. In fact I could see better on the road tonight, than I can see during the day if I take my glasses off! My brain is a lot like a computer, one that can combine the visual samplings of what I see, what I’ve seen, and what can be gathered about what I can’t see, and interpolate the information creating a hybrid  mental image. I’ve been doing that for something like 14-16 years with a high level of precision :-|. Unlike in a video game (where I can’t see squat in the dark), in real life one (or at least I) can much more readily discern the depth involved. In a video game it’s like trying to walk through block of wall, in real life it’s a composite shadow, very different. Either that or my monitor sucks compared to the quality of my eyes <_<.

Also managed to hit SWAT 4 for a little bit in the evening, my thoughts can probably be best summed up as feuer frei. Although it is a strange thing not to admin-login on the server, it actually feels ‘good’ not to have to run crowd control every day… let the juniors do it more :-D. As WO1, I was generally stuck as “Admin on deck” because of the regulations [SAS] has on that stuff. Despite the fact that most of my gaming time has been on MW4 and GR lately, no real rust was found in my game play. In particular tonight, was a right and proper fuddle. I was assigned to get ready on a door while the other team secured the area, suspect popped it and I slammed it shut. When the the prick pushed it open again, I dropped the hammer: burst fired my MP5 taking him down, carried on into the room on mixtures of semi-automatic and burst-fire: popping a tango right, tango left, and then swiping to cover and engaging a fourth tango (from the right) as my backup man finally slid his butt into the room. It was almost a Chuck Norris moment lol.

One thing that I like immensely about my ‘new found freedom’, is since I am no longer an [SAS] member, I do not have to water down my technique or obey the SOPs: I can approach situations more like I would, if it was really happening. [SAS] tactics are strongly influenced by realism but are not entirely the same. I have ‘cringed’ for years on numerous spaces, but never been permitted to refine things. At best, usually pointed out that it’s the Captains job.

I also spent a portion of the day, discussing a bit about the C++ memory model. Personally I think it’s easier to do circled around a work station than over remote, but at least it’s a topic I have a fairly well developed knowledge base in.