My brother turned out to have a double agenda to showing up on Mother’s Day, not surprisingly. To deliver a gift, and find an easy supper while his wife was out of town lol.

Our mother finally got what she has been wanting: one of their new puppies. He’s a dark fawn coloured Chiahuahua, something like 8 weeks old, and so adorable it’s gotta be illegal. It’s her dog, but obviously means that I’ll be the one to to get cussed at over its care. That means yours truly has to worry about cleaning up after it, feeding it, watching over it, and so on and so forth…. plus walking him when he gets older. I also have to hear about every minute detail twenty times, and be pushed for help in naming him o/. Guess I’m the last slave who thinks people should look after their own responsibilities.

I’ve had to grown through hearing every dumb question imaginable, and as usual when my mother is involved, answer things by repeating myself 3-5 times! It’s annoying as hell to start with, let alone when you consider that I may be the only asshole in this family, who doesn’t deserve a hearing aid.

The only good thing I can say about trying to serve between land minds and war-bait, is we had stop off for my brother to pick up a pack of smokes and to take the puppy to see one of my mothers best friends. So I got to see their dog Nikita, which is a 100+ pound Boerboel; my brother was scared of her lol.

Fortunately dinner went well, only stressors being thrown about; my brother took over my computer to piss away the time playing FarmVile on Facebook, I gave him a temporary PC user account  named ‘moron’, in order to keep him out of my session. I can clear it off the linux box tomorrow.

If near future plans work out, I think my friend is right, we do need a drink stronger than water.