You know, if I was actually smart, I wouldn’t have skipped breakfast and lunch before going to work today o/. I’ve been in such a disarray, I actually thought it was still Tuesday :-|. With the downshift in working hours, it’s harder to remember the day of the week, when you’re accustomed to remembering it based on where you’re working the day away.

Wednesday is a lot more slaves work to get done than a Tuesday, but it’s also a much longer driving time to and from. So today I managed to pass the 200 miles / 13 hours mark. Putting up with working in the family business, still doesn’t generate any income towards moving forward, so much as it does in keeping my mother in grocery shopping (oi), but it’s about the most road time I can get.

I’m hoping that solving the problem of Drivers License -> Paying Job, can generate enough income that I can get out of some of this stuff without it coming back to whack at the working schedule. The work I’m stuck doing isn’t as bad as it once was, hell, when I saw Wild Hogs, I could sympathize with Martin Lawrence’s comments about needing condoms on his shoes: and I’ve never been a plumber! Should the timing fall right it’ll be easier to replace slaving away for my mother, with working for hire and giving her a kickback out of my wages. If I have to, I’ll work two jobs, I’m already used to working until my face hurts, so the drain wouldn’t be much of a dip for a good bit of years to go.

Right now, the majority of my focus is on solving that damn drivers license. Moving forward to me, is as vital as breathing right now, and the only way to move towards long term goals, is passing the first mile stones… or die trying.