Thermal terror

Shortly after startup this afternoon, my desktop suddenly shutdown! After booting her, the panel sounded with a beep code that I’m unfamiliar with, and displayed a message about having overheated.

I’ve never monitored the system for more than GPU temps over the years, so I’m not familiar with the normal operating temp in this case. However, I’ve noticed the system has been more prone to unusually heavy impacts from loads it’s used to. After doing a bit of web searching to see what the wintacular options are, since I’m more familiar with BSDs stuff, I installed a program called SpeedFan. The operating temperature being displayed was an average 48/49C CPU and 61 Core, with the system sitting otherwise ‘at rest’.

After shutting down for a “Deep cleaning”, the systems running at my equivalent of idle, has been running about 54C CPU/58C Core. According to Intel, my processor shouldn’t be exceeding ~62.5C. The fans were impeccably clean, even though my last time at it was quite a while ago. Really the only bad thing, was the amount of grime near the frontal intake; but I’ve seen this system run with much worse build up there (plus a fan in need major clean up), so I know there’s little impact possible. Running any games, brings the systems up to low to mid 60s in the CPU and Core readings, respectively.

So either make closer inspections of the fans, or be ready to deal with something rotten in sink land. I’ve sent my brother a message asking if he’s any thermal grease laying around, just in case. I’m going to try putting the machine through its’ paces a bit for now. My next experiment will likely be to  adjust the hookups and run her under an open case….

and I forgot just how nasty this machines case was to operate on o/.