The cost of having green blooded

My mother asked if I had any preference on dinner, and I said I didn’t care; she then had to ask why I often reply thus. I explained because the minor details of it, rarely matter, when prompted as to why 8=), I literally said:

Because they can often be expressed using the mathematical operator, approximately equal to ()

To which she became suitably annoyed, walking off and stating that she hopes that I never have her diabetic problem of not being able to eat whatever she wants.

For which my mind sees the following: that what one can have may be a distinctly separate thing from what one may want, and although a want may be a can, a can does not necessary have to be a want. And unfortunately if you are diabetic, that is more likely to be the case than not, in so far as diet is concerned… it’s not my fault :-S. Like wise, I can’t help if she is to preoccupied to handle anything rationally… or that my mind is heavily trained to carry a logical train of thought for long periods of time. (Hint: don’t blame someone in hack mode, if they take things scientifically instead of like a crazy person!)

Oh, what trouble I get for not being born on the planet Vulcan—this entries title being a reference, that I prefer logic and reasoning over the inverse. Where as the others in my family, generally fall into the category of: seize on sth detail, raise your dander over it, and skip analyzing whatever you just judged until after Judgment Day. It’s like they delay evaluation until after they’ve got pissed, or a ctor exception is raised before even evaluating an expression…

-> being a mega geek == a curse; // anyone know a private island for geeks only?