Fighting fur with furr

The Yorkshire Brigade is now officially barred from my room, and a large amount of cleaning almost completed—I may end up sleeping in my chair. I love all animals in general, and I get along very well with dogs, but do enough damage, and I’m erecting barricades >_>.

Willow and Coco at least, have the decency not to do tooo much damage. The worst they’ve ever done, has been destroying bed covers and ripping up carpets, that’s pretty mild lol. Hahah, just as I was typing nice of her, Willow had to go claim my uncased pillow as her own, and didn’t like having to yield it back 8=). Courtesy of the yorkies, everything is in the washing machine! I’ve set spare (crappy) monitor and a damaged one as an interim barricade. Willow can jump over, or babishly wait to be picked up, lol.

For some reason, my experiences with toys breeds tend to have been with dogs that are dumb as bricks. I actually proscribe Willows level of intellect, to whatever breed(s) she’s mixed with lol. If anything, the only small breeds that I’ve seen that are smart, have been types of Terrier, like the Rat :-/.