Yesterday I tried playing a bit of Urt for a change, but soon took a break to sit down and read. Got  so fatigued that I ended up stretching out for a nap.  There’s an Italian word that comes to mind, the only translation to English I’ve ever been given, is generally like walking into walls / staggering like a zombie. That kind of tired :-/.

I tried going back to sleep, after waking solidly up around 0200. I keep dreaming of combat or coding. I rarely dream about code…. lol. My brain is rubber banding all over lately. It’s like take a bean, throw it in a can, and start shaking: that’s what my train of thought looks like.

Did manage to get something ‘somewhat’ productive done yesterday, and the Yorkshire brigade has finally returned home(!) so that’s two less to drive me batty. I made a list of potential driving destinations, there’s about 11 items on the list. Most are in the 30-50km range, but there’s actually nothing to do there except drive back lol. The only real entry on the list with a purpose for going, are the nearest (serious) computer shops: over 100km away. After a decade of living here, I can understand why there are so few geeks in this burg o/. Also on the list was one destination that ma has expressed interest in over the months: Savanna. That’s more than 360km away by a straight line… that would put an indent in the driving hours I need. Right now things are about 21.5 hours total, out of the 40 hours required. I got totally shafted for night driving over this now past weekends ‘extra’ work.

Spent some time trying to zoom in on HTML5, Ruby on Rails, and studying the Boost & POCO C++ libraries more closely, when I an keep my mind straight enough to deal with it. To all over the place to really do much coding lately, 🙁 🙁 :-(.  I find RoR intently interesting, even though I generally despise web development as an exercise in annoyance.

Only have two days work for the week, and today should be fairly short; tomorrow is most of the day gone. I’m hoping maybe Fri/Mon, maybe her royal pain might take a crack at the desintiation list I prepped. Within about an hours notice, I could do some bit of route planning. If nothing gets done, I’m not going to have any recourse left, except to start applying contingency plans from a few weeks ago, and live with being driving out of my fucking mind over it. If I can’t get help with the driving, there is only one way to go: by foot.

I really need a long vacation… something without stress jacking, something that can actually be peaceful. What was the last time, I actually could get more than a few weeks running at a normal persons stress margin? I wish to forget most of 2007..