Going stir crazy….

I’ve been in a miserable mood all day, the kind of mood where you just wish you could sink through your chair and never be heard from or seen from again. Aside from being dragged out on occasional errands, I’ve been cooped up here since Friday, and I ran out of stuff to get done back on Thursday. Everything else has been just busy work.

There is nothing to do until Tuesday, absolutely *_nothing_* !! Except wait on a royal pain of a mother hand and foot, while cleaning up after the dogs o/. That’s it. Other wise I may as well be passing time, staring at the **************ing ceiling. On top of that Tuesday will be a total wash out as well, if HRP doesn’t cooperate with the road time.

I can’t stand having nothing to do!!!!

Tried several sets of exercises while the dog was napping, and almost set a new personal speed record – from when I was still in great shape! I’m going stir crazy. What next, slamming my head into walls, or pacing the room like a caged animal?

So far I’ve tried to fill the day with sessions of Ghost Recon & Urban Terror, even tried a little F.E.A.R. before finally installing Quake IV. It’s not even a challenge: about two hours into the game and I’m almost half way through the third or forth chapter :-/.  I haven’t even been taking the game seriously. Once you’ve beaten a game on the super human settings, they just don’t put you through the paces on the more normal settings, even if you have played them in ages. I’ve beaten most of the games that I own on the maximum difficulty settings over the years, from FEAR/Quakes you’d have to be insane all the way to several bouts of Halo on legendary (fun). What CoDs I own, I’ve beaten several times on the maximum difficultly/no recovery levels, it’s boring. What next, load up Hell Revealed, and set it to it to Nightmare mode? There’s so many daemons to slay on those maps even w/o respawns, that it’s almost a chore to sweep the maps clean.

The only thing that’s been a challenge lately is UrT, because it combines years and years of core skills (typical tdm) with too many years of close quarter tactics. The damage model is such that to master Urban Terror, you have got to get GOOD at accurate shooting under pressure, and you’ve got to be ready to fuse the old skills of a QuakeWhore with room entry techniques.  The failure drill is the almighty standard of survival in that game. When respawns occur every 3s, it’s not even that important, unless you want to win.

Been playing video games since I was in diapers, it’s become rare to ever find a game that is really hard. I don’t even bother to memorise things, I just take it fresh through each time. On the odd chance I get sth new, it’s rarely able to put me through my paces. The only saving grace is multiplayer.

There’s just nothing left to do… :-/ I can practically feel my brain boiling. Being idle drives me out of my skull, I’m the type that has to always be working on something, ffs I would end up polishing door knobs or painting ceilings if I ever had to ‘retire’.

*slams head into a support wall*