If early, eat a light snack // usually ~ 0130-0230
-> establish base line menu // inventory on the deploy
  +carbs, +proteins, -fats

NLT 0400-0500 -> init block

Assault stretch
// dog gets locked out of the room and door barricaded if necessary
rotational choice:
enhanced press ups // mine were designed for hell!
hindu push ups
reverse crunches
reverse lunges
pistol squats
hindu squats
military presses
modified deadlift // heaviest weight avail is to bulky

first rotation: 1 minute each of 3 exercises
2 minute intermission
second rotation: 1 minute each of 3 exercises
shave / brush teeth / etc

0700 -> first foot block
running time
+ option of extending

Post -> meal 0
proper breakfast // likely self prepaired

1000-1130 -> second foot block
At least an hours driving OR prolonged foot travel
-> begin with 1 hour block for pacing speed
  progress to water driven limitations; e.g.
  RTB is timed in sync to water utilisation.

Post -> meal 1
lunch and extra water

// TBD: what the fuck to do in the afternoons...