It’s been a rather, involved day.

Spent the first half of it alternating between bouts of dozing off (ugh!!) and trying to get stuff done. I want everything in order before decision day hits on the 20th. I’m tired of dreaming, think I’m starting to envy those who rarely do.

Had to work a new job today, the latest addition to my mothers cleaning business: a couple with three kids and two house guests. Besides wondering if ma could move any slower and driving myself at maximal pace: I also had to mop the floors with a towel because they were out of the stuff they usually use. What is it with people and their floors these days… sheesh. Get floors that clean normally. To top it off, half the floors were already nuked before the kids finished lunch. Reminds me of telling a friend to enjoy a clean house, before the dogs get to it.

To top it all off, shortly after getting home, my monitor blanked again. This time however it wouldn’t function again. Tried a DVI adapter and my graphics cards other port, plus the mother boards own VGA port; no joy. I had to replace it with my ‘spare’ 15″ monitor, so now I’m stuck trading crisp colour with over dark blacks, for shotty text and faded colours. Joy. The monitor I have now, was like $3 for something the library was going to throw away a few upgrades ago. What just died, was a snazzy 19″ war horse, that was the best hand me down ever.

I’m just happy it wasn’t the graphics card shorting a port or sth like that, because I don’t have the cash to replace anything. If I didn’t have a spare (and now, two busted…) monitor sitting around, I would have no choice but to use the machine headless or not at all. I often do both of that, but you can’t play 3D games over remote desktop, any more than a PC that’s powered off. Even with a crappy monitor, at least I can load up GR or UrT for a little break.

The sad thing is the desktop displays better when remoted in from my laptop, than on this backup monitors screen lol. Well, for three bucks, who am I to bitch? With my luck, I ought to just be thankful for an internet connection, even if that’s liable to change.

The thing that seriously pisses me off, is knowing that my mother has wasted nearly 6 months of my time, and that is only counting this year. If I counted the what, 6-7 years of working in this business, I’m not sure I want to know just how much time has been wasted. All because I said that I yes when asked to “Help”. FML.