30 some klicks of persistence

Just got home a little bit ago, went for a very long (~6 hour) walk intermixed with a few km of jogging. Just mapped it out and it amounts to about 30km foot travel. That’s actually a bit slow for me, but after the first ~20km, I was out of water and essentially creeping forward on stumps.

Filled my canteen and left around 1635 local, HRP even tried to deny me the water 8=). Was a nice argument just to get out for a bit of walking, but I did say that I would becoming back! Took a more round about path around down town as a warm up, through what could be said to be the local equivalent of the ‘wrong’ side of the tracks, but still got there. Made a wrong turn that added a good hour to things, which I hadn’t wanted, but also found an excellent short cut through safer ground because of it. That path would still be faster by foot or car than the usual path. Had church on the brain, so I guess I ended up heading towards that. Took a five minute break by the side of the road after the first three hours or so, stretched my legs, took my shoes off to check my feet: and ripped off part of the insoles to reduce how much it digs into the bottoms of my feet. Turned back for home after that, because so much time had passed that I would likely be getting home after dark.

I walked so far that I actually ended up having to give a sheriff my state ID and learners permit, and he confirmed that I was well within my rights. Sounded a bit impressed when I answered his questions about where I had walked from. Don’t get it, it’s not that far… unless maybe you drive every where lol. Still had about 1/3 litre of water in my canteen (1 litre capacity :-().

Changed routes on the way back, because the road I had spent most of my time on, is dark as piss once the sun sets. On the upside, form the main highway I was able to see the sun set. Got home around 22:30-22:40 local time. The last ten or twelve kilometres is what really killed me: but like normal, once I take a proper break, I’m ready to rock. I’m not even tired now… lol. Fetched myself a water and poured myself a ginger ale (for the sugar content) as soon as I got in, than sat down to rip my shoes off and stick the stumps in water.

Spent about an hour on the phone with my brother, mostly oriented on his dislike for sth I wrote in my journal about him being “Useless” on the driving war 8=). It’s typical. Either way, I don’t count things until they are actioned; something that our mother could do well to learn herself! Coming up on nearly 5 years of keeping a journal, I should probably just be surprised anyone notices it. Spent most of the hour after that dealing with my mother o/. Anyone who thinks of me in the context of being paranoid, rude, worrying to much, or even griping to much: all I can say, get to know my mother as well as I do, and you’ll see that about ten thousand fold lol.

Missed dinner but I don’t really care, was more thirsty than anything else. I’m also wide freaking awake and could probably do a few hours worth of my regular exercise cycles… and still be just as awake. I’m not interested in walking another thirty some kilometres any time soon, but in the end, it was actually far less tiring than what that a good day at work used to look like. I did however accomplish what I had aimed to achieve: getting out of this rats nest and clearing my head of its thoughts. Of course, that took almost five hours of walking… but that is a different problem :-S.

Either way, I’ve probably done more walking today, than my mother moves in an entire year!