Ugh 3.0

In addition to yesterday, or should I now be saying yester-yesterday… being one heck of a day it’s own right, things have been busy.

I was awake non stop from Sunday to late Monday afternoon. When I finally crashed from the days exhaustion, even if only for an hour or two.

Started with the system backups on Sunday: ensuring that my impeccably backed up home directory is safe, along with less commonly used things—plus a full “local” backup. That is, everything that seperated the FreeBSD install there from a simple install FreeBSD, install updates. That includes about 6-7GB of applications, system wide configuration, custom kernel configuration, and an archive of /var; where the database of installed packages are. Life without the Windows registry, is so sweet ;).

While that was getting done, I rigged vectra to fetch the current ISOs for FreeBSD 8.0-Release and Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop. The plan being to reformat the laptop (dixie) with GNU/Linux and be ready to set it up to dual boot with BSD, which could be restored easily from the backups I made. Simply put FreeBSDs file system can be grown larger, but not shrunk smaller o/. Out of the ~30 GB of data there’s about 10~12 GB in backups. The rest can be done from install media or network.

My main reason for the switch has to do with XFire support in Pidgin, and being able to use better file sync software. All of which work on just about everything quite smoothly, except for the BSDs :-(. I’m happy enough with GNU/Linux but do actually prefer a BSD unix system.

Monday was riddled with it’s own affairs, plus having to *fix* crap with the laptop. Assuming my instant messenger has stopped crashing (blasted xfire plugin), most things are stable now. The closest I get to sleeping, is being staring at my computer screen all morning: listening to 94.9’s radio stream and hoping to pass out eventually. With luck I get a few moments sleep spread across the late local-morning 15-20 minutes at a time.

Tuesday (what’s now “Technically” yesterday), my brother finally showed up. Not that the combination of Lady Gaga and cigar smoke is not my idea of perfection, I did get some driving time on his car. Although admittedly, it is well past the point where hours matter. It was however nice to get to see my brother.

Broke the “Cease fire” today (eh, yesterday, whatever), very much needed a good walk after everything on Monday. Price justified, even if my mother will likely make my life a living hell if she finds time to think about it. Went to the library. Started to read the Aeneid but only bored my mind clear enough to get work done. Started on a few C++ files before heading home in the thunder. Having done enough walking and running for my sides to hurt and my head to swim, I think I can say: I’m starting to hate running! Walking however is quite relaxing. Rather than make it home to a much needed shower, I instead got dragged across two stores. I definitely hate shopping.

Had a string of messages on my PC by then, and ended up joining someone for a little bit of Raven Shield. Took a break to perform surgery on the laptop, after about 10-15 minutes of that. I rarely play RvS these days unless I’m invited or it’s someone I rarely bump into otherwise.

Laptop is almost done… just a question of whether or not I’ll actually sleep tonight. And tomorrow I get the spend the morning in the vets office bright and early o/.