Poly want a quacker?

In my efforts to “Bury myself in code” rather than let this place get the better of me, I’ve been getting plenty done.

On the computing side, I’ve made around 25-30 commits between version control systems, including finally wrapping up a project that’s been waiting weeks to get pushed out. Even crashed yet another compiler with a typo, but this time it was one I could file a bug report against ^_^.

Today alone, I’ve employed about 5 computer languages, plus my laptop is still displaying most things in German and google-chrome is set to English. Yesterday tack on Python, Ruby, and brain storming for something lispy of my ‘own’ on top of all that.

Sometime when I get around to it, I need to find time to acquire a few more languages lol.  I’ve an interest in picking up Haskell and ML, the former because I often encounter snippets of it and the later based on what MJDs written about it on the web.

Programs have no language, they are the language.