I’ve just managed to import my journal entries from October 2009, that should just leave the majority of September, than my transition from Live Journal to Blogger, should ‘technically’ be complete once and for all!

Give or take 10-20some entries, I would say I’m approaching 1800 posts since I started keeping a journal back in ’06. Planning to celebrate my 2000th entry, if I ever notice it’s passing :-o.

Also took some time to move one of my older projects to github. Really, it’s kind of cool: I sat down and read about 1500 out of 2300+ lines of perl code and could still understand it nearly a year later. Paged through the remaining ~800LOC, which was mostly trivial elements. Someday I need to get the ‘uncommitted’ test suite committed and work on some cleanup, but it reads easily enough. I don’t claim to be a genius, but hell, most of peoples maintainability comments about Perl are either due to Perl 4 experiences or shotty programmers if you ask me. Sure, I enjoy an occasional game of golf, but I like writing code that tends to explain itself.

Perl, the worst thing I can say about it is autovivification isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and you quickly learn how to skip reading error messages and just go proof read your syntax. That’s kind of a downside of perl, to track down errors in Perl code, you kind of need to learn proof reading ;).

I like using my brain more than a debugger, but kind of like compilers that report useful info. I ain’t met many that actually do.