With how often people have solicited my advice/opinions of programming matters and CS ed, I’ve been thinking about exposing the craft behind a project, and posting it as a journal entry. Well, the way my mother monkey wrenches things, I rarely have both the time, brain, and inclination to focus on detailing that much.

So instead, it’s probably best that I either decide never to go into the details of creating a program, or just stream it through more haphazardly across my journal. I’ll take a crack at the former, since I would like to work on the program.

One of the things on my “To roll own someday” list, is replacing my remember the milk with a local solution. The perks being that I can make custom changes without having to get hired by RTM o/, as well as integrate it with my work flow more naturally. It’s also a good series of mental exercises.

Since I’m not good at naming things, I’ll just call it STAMAN—Spidey01’s TAsk MANger. Which uniquely isn’t far off from Stamina, exactly the rate limiting factor for getting shit done. Especially under my living conditions.