Stopped off at the library to return last weeks book (one of Shakespeare’s comedies), and checked out two more: one on sewing and one on fishing. The latter, obviously because I haven’t gone fishing in years and years! The former, both because I’ve always been interested in how things are sewn by hand, and because I’ve had an interesting idea.

Since I’m now ‘issued’ my mothers cell phone whenever I’m out without her (if I wanted a chaperone in the car, I would go courting, not driving around), it would be easier to carry if my jeans had leg pockets instead of the usual waist pockets. Some what like a pair of military trousers have, well American ones anyway. Possessing both a frugal mind and an engineers heart, of course rather than buy new pants meeting that criteria, my first query is to figure out whether it’s practical to use some old jeans for raw materials and graft such pockets onto the pairs I use, lol. I know I can figure out enough to do such a thing eventually, the question is how to do it properly by hand with the material involved. Having to answer my mothers “Where the **** are you?” call today while I was sitting in traffic at a red light, is a prime example of why such a modification is worth scouting out. I would likely be cussed at if I don’t answer, even if it’s not easily fished out of a waste pocket when you’re behind a wheel, let along that I refuse to chatter on a cell phone while actively driving. Period. Whenever my mother’s involved, you can bet it is a lose, lose situation for me o/.

My main interest for the day however was checking out a certain fishing spot. I found 4 points of interest. One is within 15km of here, another (but very costly) one is about 65km away. Been there before, years ago. The other two are Georgia state parks, on the other flank (approx 20~30km SE of) Atlanta that it would never get past HRP. I purposely avoid locations near Atlanta because of her paranoia. The other is almost a good 100km to the south of here.

Today I wanted to check out the nearest one, since it’s located between the city limits and a neighbouring town. Someday I would like to check out that park to the south and go exploring, as well as see how it is on the fishing pier. Being in the opposite direction from Atlanta is a plus for getting permission to use the car, the downside is it’s far enough that I’ll need to buy gas to replace what’s used on such a trip—I’m not the kind to leave her with next to nil gas. I am the reasonable one here…

Since just getting use of the car for the afternoon was an argument of it’s own! I was so preoccupied over  whether it would be a driving or a walking mission, that I didn’t have time to plan the trip properly; so I ended up getting lost instead of finding my destination. To make it worse the gas station didn’t have any Twinkies! For some reason watching Tallahassee’s quest for the snacks throughout Zombieland has got twinkies on my brain for the first time in years :-/. Since it was my fault for not mapping it out, I replaced the petrol wasted and filled the tank while I was at it. Never mind that I would’ve planned correctly if I would not have to push just to get that far.

Personally I hate highway travel. The higher speeds burn gas much faster than local travel speeds (it’s an old ford)  and the windows need to be shut or fuel efficiency suffers even more; ma also has a standing (near 20 year long) order that the A/C is not to be used. Never mind that at GA highway speeds, it’s actually the most budget friendly way not to drive in a ’93 oven and arrive feeling like a drenched goat.

Spent some time exploring the local sporting goods store: despite what some have said, it actually has very good prices. My main interests being to grep the huntin’ fishing sector, and conclude some other ‘research’ on the way out. I expect what tackle I have stored will do, and my rod/wheel seems to be viable despite it’s lack of use; but it is always best to be prepared just in case.  Some how all that trip through the tackle only served to make me hungry, as odd as that sounds. Maybe I’m part fish? lol.

My research there was more aimed at biking than fishing. Where as most of yesterday was spent on the fish and work situations: last night I took some time to check through the stores online portal. The local shop prices own their online listings. Seems the best choice in this berg too. More specificly my poi was in cycle, helmet, hydration, plus a few associated odds and ends. Can’t know what the operating range is, but biking should be sufficient for my needs. Heck if I can walk like 30 klicks by foot and not get a heart attack, it shouldn’t be hard to do a few miles worth of peddlin’ a bicycle. An occasional snack bar and some water is cheaper than petrol anyway.

It would obviously be some what of a problem that I never learned to ride a bike growing up, kinda the apartment dwellers curse (no bikes, boards, skates, or anything else fun allowed). For the cost of human fuel and getting some much needed cardio-exercise, I’m not above breaking my neck in the figuring-it-out-the-hard-way, as there isn’t any ‘ideal’ places to pactice. Economy matters. For what the future holds, I would consider the massive price gaps between bicycle, motorcycle, and automobile, strongly in favour of building muscle. You need a driver’s license to get around in this freaking country, but you do not necessarily need a car to get around in.  It’s a wonder people don’t drink bath water more often; it’s become that stupid in America. I’m fully open to alternatives to driving, even if it’s likely to generate a few bruises.

That however is quite a fair ways off, it will take some measure of saving to afford that kind of kit anyway plans are sliced. It’ll probably be one of the first things on my private list to fall, once I’ve got a steady income to work with that is. How far way reaching that point in time will be, however is largely at the bitch on wheels’ mercy: because I’m not willing to work (locally or anywhere else in Georgia) unless it is proven, that I will have sufficient freedom with the car to be able to hold down a job without being screwed. It’s the principal of the matter. You don’t want to argue principals with a programmer, not even a totalitarian can win that debate. With a track record that can only breed my distrust, and the difference between road (35-55mph) travel speeds and foot (~3mph) travel speeds, even within comfortable walking distance: whether it’s pissing distance or long distance to get to work or anywhere else, I am not willing to be constrained—especially not by my mothers pathological paranoias: and the only way to ensure that (she) doesn’t come back to bite, is of course not having to rely on access to my mothers otherwise stationary vehicle. Reducing her costs would be one of the points of having a job anyway, including getting my own means of transport in the long haul. Which is obviously necessary for my long term plans.

Before heading home, I hit Walrus Country to search the sporting goods section in like wise fashion, and pick up a fishing license on my way out. Also had to pick something up that ma wanted. She almost owes me more money now than I have saved in my chequeing account lol. Fishing licenses are only needed off private property, but it’s worth having! Stopped off on the way home at another gas station in hopes of finding a Twinkie but had to settle for a LD mini coffee cake and strawberry roll :-(.

Seriously, someone must have gotten to people about cholesterol or something. What kind of world are we living in when gas stations stop selling twinkies!!!!