Army boots; good hat; new belt. Yippie-kai-yay!

Today has been a productive day! Spent the first part of the day waiting in a doctors office, reading notes on SML. Ma had to go in early over something with her meds. After that, we took about an hours ride to an army/navy surplus shop located in the same city, as Doc Holiday was born in, interestingly.

While the selection on some things could have been better, the prices there were awesome: typically 30%-50% less than what the ones in Atlanta are displaying in their e-stores, not to mention several estores in general. It was also nice that most things are stocked in ACU/Woodland camo depending on the age, plus black or navy blue and olive drab variants. Despite what some people (like airsoft players) may choose, I refuse to wear an army camo uniform and ACU-patterned gear without enlisting. I would consider it disrespectful, even if it’s cheaper than going to Walmart for civilian cloths. Something like combat boots on the other hand are a different story!


They only cost about half of what most places have had to offer, and I have been wanting military style boots for ages. I have never had *real* decent footwear in my life and well, when I am seen looking for shoes, it usually means the ones I’m wearing just redefined the words “Riding a dead horse”. In this case, I currently have a large cache of “Hand me down” sneakers: experience has lead me to believe military boots would do way better. The army/navy surplus store had the type of jungle boots that I had wanted but these ones were just such a better fit for me, and just a wee bit more in price than the black leathers. The fact that the only shoes I ever loved were lace-less black suede shoes, means that I know exactly how durable that material can be—plus unlike the black leather Jungle and Tactical boots they had stocked, these suckers don’t need polishing!!! My new boots are probably not going to take wet weather in the way I would like, but I have seen suede take some heavy punishment, so at least I know the bloody things will last in the environments I frequent. I’ve also learned the hardway not to let very heavy things land on my toes lol. In comparing the leather blacks and the tan suede’s, both had sole structures that would likely out live my feet: unlike most of the sneakers I’ve had to make do with. That is the part that usually gives out on me first, wearing down to a couple of millimetre worth of outsole between me and the ground; well give or take wearing a shoe until what’s left of the outsole splits off from the rest of the shoe xD. Also in favour of the suede boots is the gripping insole pad and the type of nylon is a much more breathable kind than the regular jungles have. I guess being made for Temperate Weather has its upsides; it’s not like I’m going swimming in them either. Unfortunately the only socks they had to go with it were an order of magnitude larger than my size, so I ended up buying a pair from Walmart. Usually I skip socks as a matter of comfort, I’m in shoes to much; in this case however I want decent socks lol. The ones I’ve just gotten will have to do…

In poking around at what they had, including the packs, MOLLE gear, and tactical vests, I found boonie hats in just about every colour and camo an American could possibly dream of finding lol. Was a little more expensive than what I wanted to pay but I used to have one and found it worked well in wet weather. I reckon it ought to be good for walking under the hot sun too, so I bought myself an OD boonie hat! Been wanting to find a new one because my old stopped fitting a couple years back. In Georgia, most of the time I don’t wear a hat unless it’s raining but that should probably change, at least when out for a long walk. When I was a child, I liked umbrellas for wet weather because you can sword fight with them in between outings in the storm. Dripping rain coats are also not my bag and I’m to old to have fun otherwise in the rain. A good hat is all I want when it is pouring down rain! I’m kind of weird about rainy weather, love being out in it, long as my feet stay drier than walking in a puddle.

While we were in the store, I also nabbed a dark web belt to supplement my grandfathers. As I got heavier in weight over the years, I gave up on ‘regular’ belts and adapted an heirloom instead. Grandpa’s web belt has been able to keep pace with my waist, even after dropping several jean sizes lol. It was something he picked up in World War II during his time in the Navy, and despite being over 65 years old, it still kicks the ass of any other belt I have ever encountered. As long as it keeps my pants up and is quick to put on/take off, I’m happy beltwise. I just don’t want to be bothered! The one I bought for $5 has a cheaper belt buckle and lacks the strange character (I assume a Japanese character or some meaningful symbol from the look of it) on my grandfathers but this one has the actual belt itself made from a more modern nylon. It’s like a fraction of the quality of my grandfathers’ web belt but, unlike grandpa’s I don’t have to worry about wearing out a family heirloom!

On the way back home, of course we had to stop at Walmart for ma to do grocery shopping >_>. My mother also had to point out that I took longer to shop for boots than she took at the doctors lolololol. Tomorrow is a trip to the pharmacy and some more shopping, so hopefully I’ll get to break in my new boots. That reminds me, I need to wash the socks!