Hmm, my mother is so deathly tired she walks in my room and asks me to make her something for lunch, a sandwich would be nice. Oh, and while I’m going to be in the kitchen anyway, could I fill her water and bring back her bag of potato chips?

Then she walks into the kitchen ahead of me to fiddle with the water bottles. She’s was also much to tired to take her potato chip back with her when waltzing out of the kitchen. By the time I’ve delivered her glass of water, she’s already gotten up again and walked to the kitchen. I go back to making the sandwich once she gets out of the way.

Somehow, I think everyone else in my family would have shouted, “Make your own ******** sandwich!” If you have strength enough for all that walking, odds are you can at least carry a several oz bag of potato chips with you, it’s not like lugging a 10lbs bag of Kartoffeln!