It’s been a bit busy lately, I’m very tired right now. Friday a friend figured out a way that I can get around my mothers’ communications block sufficiently, so I spent most of today (well, technically yesterday in another 30mins lol) filling out another round of job applications. Somehow, I think that I’ve learned that GOD and friends make better obstacle removers, and family better obstacle creators.

With a little tweaking to get my laptop into the loop, I should now be independent of ma’s phone systems, and thus her control over that aspect of things. The past couple weeks have been rather lax, largely because of losing the commu’ block. I can apply all I want, but a lot of good that would do if any calls back get routed to /dev/null, now does it? Using this new setup, I’m free of that delema. Finally!

Family may as well be the most vocal proponents in favour of the idea that I’m a useless bastard worth less than the lump of flesh in front of my computer, yet also tends to be the most obstinate bunch about helping improve life’s situation rather than hindering my plans.

Really, it is annoying. How people can act saintly and blameless as a white sheet while dangling the knife they’ve been stabbing with, and do it in such a way they can fain innocence. At least, that’s what it looks like. Yeah, I believe 0+6 can be > 0, don’t you? Not.