Spent yesterday trying to get back into the swing of things, first time I’ve actually logged on comms in a few days lol.

Last night I was watching The Others and Surrogates. The others might make some people feel creeped out but I only found its plot a bit overly clich├ęd. If the ending isn’t obvious by first leg of the  movie, it is by the half way point o/. It does pose an interessting thought though. What if “Disturbances” that people feel are ghosts and hauntings and all that sort of stuff, is really just a conflict of matter? Where the living and the dead have crossed paths but nether know one is dead, or perhaps it’s not death but something whacko in the space time continuum. Who knows, I still maintain that if ghosts exist, you’re more likely to die in the bath tub than experience something like Poltergeist. I don’t rule out the possibilities of ghosts, I just don’t expect to ever see one ^_^.

The surrogates on the other hand, is an interesting sci fi flick. Basically people no longer “Go out” but instead control an avatar via remote. It follows a detectives hunt for a weapon that is able to kill the human operators behind their “Surrogates”.  While not exactly a spectacular movie, it explores an interesting concept, well interesting in light of the modern Internet. Being able to do anything without risk of life and limb, is an interesting idea, but I would argue that’s part of what makes life worth living. After all, if you’re going to go sky diving , what good is it, if you can’t *really* experience it? It’s only a facsimile of the real thing. For something like a fire fighter, IMHO it would be perfect but the ideal of living every day life through a surrogate, just, doesn’t feel right to me.