Hmm, seems that I’ve survived my first week! Started work on the 30th, and got lost as hell for about three days straight trying to find the place. Now that I know my way around, and I’m getting there early. Alarm goes off at 0500, I’m usually awake by 0400, and I try to be on the road between 0530-0630. Today the lights weren’t even on yet in Engineering when I showed up lolol. As long as I can be on the Interstate by 0700, I can get there with time to spare, and no body is picky about when I show up. It’s basically an 8-hour work day with 3-hours of driving / over 220 kilometres each day. On the upside, I’m doing about $15/day in petrol in a car that’s well below the modern norm for fuel efficency, so whatever a regular weeks pay cheque nets, fuel costs ought to be staying a float.

My first day was essentially getting up to speed. One of the guys there, Steve got me started installing the OS on my work station, introduced me to the guy responsible for setting up my access to stuff, etc. While at home I’ll usually take like a week to break in a new setup, I kept stuff on my work station pretty light. I’m there to work not customise things, besides all I really care about is a decent command line environment and having the tools needed for getting stuff done. Made sure to bring my laptop and loads of stuff on my flash drive just in case. Since it’s so far from home and moving isn’t going to happen overnight, I travel well stocked with Miles’ old backpack. That reminds me, I still need to eat the candy I stored in it xD. Since there’s no strict dress code, I’ve even gotten to keep my boots :-).

The second day, wasn’t very productive IMHO. Mostly cursing at some warts in one of the libraries being used, it’s a binding to a lib’ written in another language, so it’s not always perfect. Rest of the time was largely filling out the paper work for being hired. I can’t really complain about the paper work, since both the chef finacial officer and the woman from human resources helped me sort that stuff. Just got one thing left to do fir that, and I’ll be mapping that out over the weekend. To the library thing, all I can say is that I’m inclined to agree with my superior about it. It’s better to keep the code base more natural to the implementation language we’re using, than cuddling up to the libraries more static interface. Reading the code already in place, also shows me a few things about who I’m working with.

Being the Fraking New Guy (FNG) on deck, I’m a wee bit cautious about draconian issues. Generally I know what I’m doing well enough to figure stuff out but, eh, somewhere between programming and business its kind of easy to ruffle peoples feathers over little things and I’d rather not do that at first. So I’m trying to avoid walking into any walls so to speak. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of fixed policy about anything programming related and everything is quite laid back at the company, so I guess there’s nothing to worry about. Except getting tongue twisted explaining things lol. With my mother always telling me off whenever I’m on VoIP, I’ve gotten more used to typing all day than speaking. When Matt, my superior told me about the instant messengering system, I was happy as a clam!

Thurs/Fri were mostly spent trying to get stuff done, got a bit finished yesterday but didn’t have it ready for commit untill today, along side some other stuff. Really not sure what kind of pace is expected of me for generating results, but since I don’t have my mother interrupting me all the live long day, I’m getting more done in much less time than I’m used to doing it at home. I like it, kind of wish it was more like 10-12 hour days, so I could get more done at work lol. Doubt there are enough hours in the day to get done the amount of work I feel should be done. On my way out, I let my superior know what branch I pushed stuff out to and said I’d catch up on the remaining things tomorrow. What a curious look came when he reminded me tomorrow is Saturday xD.

After so many years of having to operate on a mentality like, “O.K. it’s the weekend…. time to cram as much work in as possible before Monday”, I find it kind of hard to not be working on the weekends… :-/. Guess I can spend it on my own projects or something. If it wasn’t supposed to be like an 8 hour work day, I would just sit and let it roll with how much I can get done and when. Habbits, whether it’s a 10 or 18 hour day, I’m used to staying at it. Although I must admit, 8 hours isn’t bad. Only real interruption is going to the bathroom and taking a lunch break; although ma would kill me if I work through those >_>, today I took a pen & pad with me, so that I could think ahead while eating. For what I’ve been doing for years, I’ve had to put up with trying to concentrate with a constant string of interupts. When your brains in the swing of things, having a massive context switch thrown at you dozens of times a day, is kind of like being hit by an eighteen wheeler. That’s one reason I love being able to sit working at the office instead of waiting on my mother hand and foot all day while trying to get crap done o/.

So far I like this job quite a lot. Out of the handful of interrested parties, this employer seemed like the best fit, and it’s finally a chance to work at something that’s more up my ally. If I survive the 90-day probational period, things ought to be good for a while. Coming home on the highway tonight, I was thanking the LORD for answered prayers. Feels almost like I’ve died and gone to heaven… nice place to work, good people, relaxed environment, and a there’s supposed to be a steady pay cheque to boot. It’s unbelievable how much I hate being idle, now I’m working. Murphy’s law has been on my ass a lot lately, yet it’s like I’ve been blessed. At least, it’s a glimpse of what life can be, and I hope it lasts for years.

And the only bad thing I can say about the job, is having to walk to the bathroom lol. You know when going down like two short hallways every now and then is the worst part of your day, there is something going right!!!

Between driving the area so much and being able to stop and map stuff out with this new cell phone, I’m even starting to learn shortcuts. Yesterday I made such good time, I was almost afraid I would be too early xD. WHere I live, if I don’t know where I’m going, I know enough that between my instincts and a compas, I can figure it out. Geeze, some of the roads around Newnan I’ve been on so much in my life, I could drive them blind.

When I get up in the morning, I head for the nearest Interstate access, get on to the I-85 N and head down to the I-285 N / W. Main strip around where work is located is more or less in between the level of newnans one, and the one over in Peachtree city. Nice spot, but confounding as all hell to find anthing until you’ve got it figured out. A few more years of commuting and I’ll probably know Duluth well. Personally, I like the Interstate system better than Georgia’s road ways; on the former the only way to get lost is to close your eyes and stop reading lol. It’s actually comforting when I make it to the I-85 S and then to the local high way. I know the area, and on the local, well, it may be terribly dark but after 10 years riding it, I not only can find my way home trivially, I also can figure out how to get to every neighboring city! The path up to Duluth, time will tell, hehehehe.