*yawn* it’s a lazy wazy afternoon, and I feel somewhere between taking a siesta and getting into some code, before I go back to work tomorrow lol.

Spent some time screwing with my phone, GPS, updated maps, blah, blah. Personally I think that a touch screen is better than a mouse, worse than a keyboard; although interestingly swype seems to be handy with a terminal emulator! Maybe on a much larger display, an on screen keyboard might cut it for general typing needs. Also put in a bit of time seeing what level of integration I can get between Android and my `usual` work flow. So/so.

What I really would like? Is a CRUD interface to ‘everything’, that I could use from my unix shell, a gui, or perhaps, even my phone. Preferably I would like something Mail like in terms of interface. Something that could roll news feeds, e-mail, task management, calendaring, facebook, etc all into one thing. Like a big data funnel. On my weekends off, I’ve been grokking around for libraries that would help interface with the services I use, like my calendar: something increasingly important ;).

On the other side is the issue, what language is ideal to the mixture, and how many weekends would it take to get something, ‘useful’ ? Honestly, I like dynamic languages for the features. JavaScript and Lisp will never be pretty to look at but they really rock. By contrast more static languages are often easier to  enforce ahead of time type checking but lack sexy features. I rather prefer it when the compiler can tell me, “Oops” before I execute a program, but I’d rather not have to code my way around the languages artificial limits either. Hmm, can’t have everything I guess.

So, to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what I’m doing for the next few hours lol.