Sigh, the ice storm still has me cooped up here instead of at work. I do appreciate the “Break” from having to be on the road so early, but, eh, work is a good thing ™ in my books.

I’ve spent most of my time putting in research efforts after last Saturday’s airsoft game as to what the ideal course of action would be, long term. My MP5 performed excellently and it ought to serve me for as it is now, for however long the parts last but if I’m stuck here, I may as well plan a head. I’m thinking the best return on investment would be to acquire a full sized G36A/G36E type AEG, probably one of SRC/TSD make. I could get a good G36A/E quite cheaply, even with this months pocket money, but being a stingy son of a bitch, I’m not going to do it until at least Feburary lol. Just about everything that I ain’t saving this month, I’m reserving for a GED.

In terms of upgrading my MP5, whatever month it is when I get a second weapon, I’ll likely disassemble my MP5 and see how it works, and what might be doable to `improve it`. O.K. so sue me o/. What I’m thinking on the externals at least, is to get a claw mount that puts a picatinny rail over the top of the receiver and a pair of rails on the sides. Then mount a mil-dot scope on the top rail and a bright LED torch on either side.

My thinking here is that assuming the referees have no objections: I could put the torch on the right and engage it when I have to shoot around a corner against a known threat—making it harder for other players to get a clean shot at me with the light shining in their eyes, hehe. Then transition it over to the left rail when I’ve got to swap to firing off the left shoulder. Ditty trick for just an “Airsoft” game perhaps, but arguably more effective then simulated flash bangs.

I am not convinced that Thunder B‘s or similar items offer more ROI then throwing an empty soda can. Well, compared to a *real* stun grenade or using a torch anyway. Price wise a simulated fragmentation grenade is probably more useful at CQB field than a simulated stun grenade. For the kind of range Airdogs fields offer, a mil-dot scope would be more useful to me at longer ranges (i.e. outside or far down the corridor) then the more popular 1X red dot sights, because within that range, I scarcely need my weapons sights let along a scope, and when I do need to be precise an adjustable mil-dot offers me more utility. Especially since it could be mounted on another weapon. For the internals, I can’t really say yet. Will cross that bridge when things come to it. Perhaps an M4 or G36C might have been a more well rounded weapon to have started with but I rather like the MP5 for use in doors. It also fits in my pack better.

A spring action sniper rifle would be a good second/alternative weapon, if it’s capable of enough precision for what I would call sniping but IMHO a full sized G36 (not a C or K variant) would be a better investment for the cash. Or at least, it should give the range my MP5 lacks for the hill next to the woodsball field, and save me the trouble of having to drag the little H&K behind me, lol. Since most people use a G&G GR16 or comparable M4 kit, the barrel length of a G36K would probably be alright but I think a full sized G36 would offer the best possible result down range.

When I can get a few slings, it would also be easy to rig things to carry both. Use the MP5 as primary in doors and the G36 outdoors, but really a scope would do alright for increasing the effective range. It’s just that getting a G36 costs about as much as putting a scope on my MP5, lol. Two AEGs also has a better insurance against failure/dead batteries than just mounting a scope.