Well, like a few hundred of my fellow Americans: I can now say that I was close enough to Presidential anything, to be stuck in traffic behind the First Lady’s motorcade! Seems that Michelle Obama was in Atlanta today and just happened to tie up an interstate or two in the process. Stupid me, I left work on time and hit the bypass, just in time for them to block off all lanes for her to move through, lol. Took so long that I just put the car in park and booted my laptop to try and get some stuff done while I wait. If I was smart, I’d have just worked late. By the time my brain clicked into flow, I had to drive and shutdown my laptop at the same.

Somehow it should probably have clicked in my head, that if the first lady was going to be in Atlanta, they would be routing through the nearest military runway in metro Atlanta up to the job. Which of course, belong to Dobbins! Probably would’ve gotten home faster if I had gone through Atlanta, or slinked around the east side of the bipass :-/.

Passing through the portion of the bypass that belongs to Cobb county is usually a traffic zone, between Cobb and the GA-400 of doom. Oy, when we move I ain’t gonna miss that.