Well, it has finally happened: the bank, me, and the calculator (usually python or clisp) do not agree on the balance! By my estimate, I should be having to rebalance everything from my savings. According to the bank and my calculator, I’m still very much in the green.

So, I guess either it’s a damn good thing that’s I give myself a wide margin, and made sure to keep the royal pain on a tight spending cap of what of *my* money she could draw upon. If my mother had a precise idea of my budget, I would eitjer end up bankrupyed or burned at the famly steak.

Origionally when operation redeemer was launched, I was keeping a detailed record of every transaction-between the war of the car and starting work however, that’s has fallen into atiqity. Software, wether custom or off the rack is just to times consuming to deal with right nnow.

To get anything meaningful done, I would have to stop coming home at night.