Awfully tired lately (bloody commute) but things seem to be rolling. Things were to the point that the traffic reporter upgraded things to “Fugly” out there, rather than mealy the clouds dispensing moron gas all across Georgia. Left for work around a quarter ’til seven, got there around nine. When I saw the team lead getting out of his car as I got there, I couldn’t help but wonder, is he that early today, or was traffic that bad? lololol. Been getting out late recently, so I doubt anyone is gonna mind me showing up on time instead of early :-/.

The day’s been fairly normal aside from a short meeting. Gotta love this company really, meetings seem to be fairly infrequent, and I believe keeping them short is the SOP. Hurrah! Even better is when you can program your phone to beep 35 minutes early, get there 10 minutes early, and be working on your laptop before it starts lol.

So far, I’ve two short term desires for study. One, is I’d rather like a return to integration between Blogger and a certain major social network. I may have to jerry rig something using perl/curl to take RSS feeds and update my status. It’d be easy enough to make it a daemon running off vectra. The other desire, is to plan on going cloths shopping some time after the move is done. Can’t say that I have much opinion about cloths in general but this time I rather have a goal. Last time I bought cloths, the goal was replace what I had. That basically ended in getting like 10 shirts divided between green/blue, and throwing them in the cart with some jeans. The fact that I can do clothing shopping in like 5-10 minutes of course, had to infuriate my mother >_>. There’s enough equipment where I work, that the engineering department is never going to be toasty warm, and I’m rather tired of wearing sweaters all the time. Would also be nice to retire the cloths I’m using for work, which are a different set then my usual street cloths. The question is how to get the margin I want? -> Suitable for both work and routine, long sleeves, and most importantly, warm enough to be comfortable at my work station lol. I’ll figure something out by the time I have a budget for it developed.