Another lovely Friday. If reports are to be believed, on a bypass that has 69 or 68 exits, traffic is screwed from I-20 to well passed spaghetti junction, along with most major roads on the same vector. After 20-30 minutes of traffic to get some where that should only take 10-12 min, I took the I-75 south into Atlanta, where it was pretty much saoring through the usual bumper to bumper from the Brookwood end to exiting the curve. To top it off, while trying to change lanes to take the I-75S, there was about double the safe length of distance between the cars, when the mother fucker in back decided to rage down on his pedal, I’m pretty sure that we both gave each other the bird as he fender dodged his way over to the I-75N in that sporty foil. One upside if anything did happen, my car is more like a tank and his was more like paper, so playing chicky is out, and raging is illegal ;).

To add insult to near injury, it took like twenty minutes of laps to get a gas pump, just to drop $40. Place was so mobbed I dunno how knife play didn’t enter the picture. Topping it all off, on my way to the interstate my mother calls to tell me to pick up her prescriptions and get a few things on her list. She can’t be arsed with sending it as an e-mail so I’ll remember, so I’ve gotta scribble a note to myself while driving (which I _hate_). Then listen to her because I wrote “1 40Watt lightbulbs” instead of 60 Watt, and missed the crackers o/. Well, ya gets what you puts in.