Today things really started to take some shape.

Had to take a vacation day because my mother’s appointment with the doctor that by the time we would’ve gotten back to Duluth, there wouldn’t be much sense going in to work. On the upside, I got to take a few minutes to stop by Petsmart and get the bird a new cage, and got to do a little bit of “Work” while waiting around the doctors office.

Originally, we had the bird in the cage until my feathered nephew (AJ) took off flying, which set Mike flying, which resulted in a game of find where the parakeet landed; AJ being smart enough to return to his cage! After that, the Mike got netted in, but with the move, it’s been a case of stuck in the cage. So now, I’ve setup a larger one to compensate, which concindentially was probably cheaper than the original one lol.

By now, I have moved just about every box three or four times. My bedroom was basically done in two days, one to get the furniture moved and another to organise books. Nearly a week after this all started, the living room is starting to look, remotely livable.

But I think I’ve come to hate boxes  o/