This morning, my mother rather piqued my technical-goat, when she said she was “Tired of my excessive computer buying”. Which of course, is an instant sequence of hash look ups in my brain:

  1. SAL1600 (desktop) was bought with a long lost inheritance and strings attached (*groan*).
  2. Dixie (laptop) was bought by my sister-in-law, so I could get work done around my mother driving me nuts.
  3. Vectra (improvised server) is currently residing in a hodge-podge of parts:
    1. Some from a gutted-Dell my brother was throwing out.
    2. Some from an old Vectra Vli8 handed down from someone we used to work for, when he heard my mother was being a bitch about letting me dual boot her (then “family”) computer.
Alice here, is the first computer that I’ve ever bought myself, not to mention it’s the cheapest computer I’ve ever had, lol. So, what the fudge is so “Excessive” about buying one computer, which probably cost me 25% or less than what hers cost? *Shrugs*
People are stupid.