Aside from being grumpy that the company I work for, takes Good Friday as a company holiday :'(, I’ve been somewhat busy today. My mother wanted to visit a Catholic church some miles down the highway, so I took her up there, she didn’t like it of course, but trying to please my mother isn’t quite trivial for anything, let along the Roman Catholics.

After that, it was essentially off to the nearest Publix supermarket to appease her shopping list a bit. Even though I’m not at work, I couldn’t help but notice a type error when walking down the isles. Ma wanted to grab a box of matzah, bottle of soy sauce, etc. So they’ve got the “Mexican” food, they’ve “Asian”, which is vaguely ethnic but convenient, “West Indies” which is more geographic then ethnical, but what really made my brain reach up and say “Compiler error: type association invalid”, is when I saw at the end of the isle, the sign marked “Kosher”. To top it off, the directory labels the isle as ethnic foods and the sign marks it as Hispanic foods. Yeah, I’m a pain in the ass.

The word Kosher, essentially refers to a discipline: if we go by one of my favourite resources from Princeton University, semantically it means food that obeys the jewish food law. It’s not an ethnic group. I.e. you may have a Mexican that eats kosher food in the west indies but you are unlikely to meat a someone of the Mexican-Kosher ethnicity from the west indies ^_^. O.K. so sue me, I’m stuck driving my mother around instead of being at work, the marbles ain’t going to shift out of programmer mode that easily. Besides, that kind of branch of math is very relevant to my work.

What I really would like to know however, is in what kind of type model that also makes sense, does fish != a meat. But eh, I’ve been wondering about that one for most of my life.