More signs that you’re a workaholic at heart, love your job, or both

Today’s the last day for one of our more skilled hackers, so the powers that be decided to cart Engineering out to lunch for the send off. While I’m happy enough to accept the invite, I’m also, well, I just eat a quick lunch and go back to work lol. Asked one of my peers whether he thought it would be rude if I brought the netbook along to get some work done and he thought nothing of it. The guy that’s leaving the company, I’m surprised we could pry him off work long enough for the gathering. Yup.

So of course I’m working remotely off alice by the time the like ~20 of us are filtering out of this Mexican restaurant up the road. What brought a smile to my face however, was when Steve remarked something like, “You just couldn’t leave work?” and then realized we had wifi access the whole time xD.

My closest friends know that I’m kind of a workaholic at heart…. and that I am also insane lol