Hmm, I just realised that come 2011-09-09, this September is going to be roughly the fifth anniversary of when I began keeping my journal via weblog. Facebook rather entered the mix after a friend decided to run one of his projects off it, as opposed to more traditional mailing list/forum structure.

Still have files littering my home directory, since at least 2007. Either private thoughts or project notes that I’ve recorded. Most things generally end up here on my journal, because that’s the sense of one. Facebook for me is utilized more as a hybrid of things. Friends generally prefer Facebook, so it’s a practical consideration. Me, well, I rather prefer something like Blogger or Instant Messaging. But what can I say, people tend to be attracted to such monoliths.

Over the years, I have rather amassed a large sum of time around computers: virtually since diapers! I don’t think that I can even remember not having a computer, and my memory does go quite a far ways back. In the pat ten years, I really don’t want to know how many more hours I’ve spent on/around computers, than doing something else. So yeah, it makes sense that I would use a computer for recording my thoughts.

Some people use paper, and hide it away someway. Me on the other hand, I’ve few things to hide, and am too cheap to buy a larger hard drive than the cloud.