Since I’m not quite able to get back asleep, I thought I would decide on what to do with the photo’s from Thursday’s ride home.

On my way out I was telling a friend that it was about to “Rain cats, dogs, and zombies out here”. Things pretty much went from nadda to bucket, upon bucket, upon bucket coming straight down and the area around Medlock Bridge and State Bridge, probably had 20+ air to ground  lighting strikes within the horizon, just trying to get through the darn light. At one point, I thought about snapping a picture to show my mother the fun, but sadly, noticed that the view through the camera was like 30% more clear than looking through the windshield.

Thursday’s storms were both the worst driving conditions I’ve had to deal with and the most fun driving home I’ve had, lol. Heck, people started driving with their emergency flashers on and several started to pull over, yet I didn’t have any real trouble driving next to blind most of the way :-/