Proof that my mother is obnoxious and rude

Or this post is just so my brother can have something to talk to my mother about 8=).

In getting home, I was as usual intending to hit zombie land with some friends, when my mother decided it was time to go grocery shopping o/. In informing on eof my friends about it, the discussion hit the ground of my mother pretty much refusing to drive herself—and my friend stating that she would tell her mother, that “If she doesn’t want to  drive then she obviously doesn’t want to go very bad”, when I noted this sentiment to my mother, ma pretty much told us both to go fuck ourselves.

Later talking to the same friend about arguing with my mother, over how my mother is strongly opposed to me ever taking a vacation: my friend noted that my mother sounded very controlling, which made me burst out laughing, even more so because my mother is a self admitted control freak! To which my mother again told my friend “To go fuck himself”.

Later tonight some of us were on my TeamSpeak server talking, and ma came in to badger me, so I asked her if she wanted to, and of course my mother again stated it again, and  my friend pointed out “Herself” instead of “Himself”, making my mother even more confused lol. So yeah, at least 3 times today my mother has told one of my friends that 8=). Guess London was smart to log off before he could end up listening to my mother >_>.

Am I the only one in my family that knows how NOT to be hostile and rude to people you don’t even know?