Note draft’ed yesterday in vim, and I’m to tired/busy to bother editing.

Sitting here with a headache, courtesy of the parental unit but at least I get to journal a bit, in what was meant to be a rest time 8=).

The day started out pretty early compared to what I’ve been dealing with: just waiting for the alarm to go off at 0615, and aiming to be out by 0700 and otw to the eye doctor for my exam. My mother finally made her decision of whether or not to tag along. Several headaches later anyway.  Checking my systems before going out, I was kind of happy to see a message from someone special; although it made me happy, the time difference is :-S.

Got there about 30 minutes before the place even opened, but the whole eye exam went fairly smooth. My last one was in 2009, when I got my glasses. Pretty normal affair but two things that I found interesting: my across the shorter-range vision has gotten a little bit worse but my longer-range vision has gotten better. The kind of better/worse, as like top row only and like the one above the bottom row, respectively. The prescription is slightly stronger and good for two years.

Since I don’t expect my glasses to get busted between now and later in the year, for the cost I would rather save more now and get my glasses later; particularly because I know the difference between good vision and not, thanks to doctor Carr. My main interest really is in the exams, which I would rather like to get done yearly. That way I can have a clue of what state they are in, beyond just visual quality. My mother’s always gone zillions of years between exams and sets, so I know waiting months can’t hurt. I’d also rather wait until I have more savings available, because it’s easier to replace a broken set of glasses in a hurry than it is to save well.

Needless to say, the notion that I would rather save for vacation+savings in general than get new glasses IMMEDIATELY, really bothered my mother, never mind that it is my decision and my money.  One the way out, were taking a bit about the idea of me and vacation. That pretty much lead to the progression of getting out in nature with friends -> the parks in Canada -> there’s a girl there I very much want to meet. Pretty much lead to an interesting track with more than a few headaches.

o/ o/ o/