Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?

So far between my family and associations, I really can’t help but wonder if Intelligence Quotients have, since I can see people barking up the wrong tree, and churning F.U.D. around in circles. Seriously, it makes me wonder why logic is so hard for most people.

When it comes to my life and my business, there are two authoritative sources right now: GOD and me. Rather than making like a gaggle of gossiping hens playing, people wanting to know should be barking at my tree.

Gossip is a many-to-many form of communication, and like UDP, not reliable enough to bank on. Things get lost in the transmission and there is limited protections against perverse mutations. Much as anyone who has ever survived like grade school, there is a rather big difference between primary sources, secondary sources, and all the way to the other end of the globe. Or maybe I know that because I paid attention in History where as some people probably snored.

Since for anything anyone could possibly be interested in, going by what crap I get routed through to me,  there are three primary sources including GOD, but I’m the only exported asset in their mix. Likewise since I have no interest in repeating myself, if enough people are actually that curious about my affairs (pun intended), a one-to-one medium like an inter-personal-conversation will be quickly overloaded. If enough people are interested, then a one-to-many form of communication is much more appropriate, unless you quite literally want to be told to “Tell it to the hand”, or be >/dev/null as we say where I come from!

Being as it is my life and business and not yours, beyond indirectly if at all. That means I am afforded the choice of medium. Or in short, if you want to know something from me, you probably shouldn’t be asking someone else, and if you do want it from me, you live with my choice of pipe, or you get kept in the dark. Guess what? A journal is a useful thing—Facebooks, Instant Messages, Phone Calls, Texts, E-Mails, and Personal contact on the subject are all irrelevant when enough people are ‘so curious’ about things that are none of their business.

Or in very plain English: if anyone gives a damn, read my fucking journal to find out about it. If it isn’t on here, well maybe I don’t update my journal as frequently when people annoy me during my free time. Except for things expressing my annoyance. The more people route through my parental unit, the more she annoys me, and the much less I will tell anyone beyond the few people I tend to confide things in. Attacking any of my friends for information will just get you >/dev/null’age for the rest of your lifage.

In case people think this journal entry has way to many hyper links, it’s because it was targeted for people who are unlikely to understand the analogies that I use, and more than a few of whom are likely to confused to figured them by evaluating the links. For most intents and purposes, this is a way to use many words to explain something everyone should already know about social interactions, if they had only learned it.

Or maybe I’m just an old fashioned person who understands the value of using technology as the forum.