So far it’s been a mixture of a frustrating, interesting, and hilarious day.  My mother made it a rather good habbit to drag me out of bed several times to be used as free tech support, mostly for simple cases to serve as an excuse for her not having to read what the fuck is on screen on follow the directions. Cool.

After that she managed to extricate sufficient fundulation to go shopping with ahead of having to wait for payday, by pushing for the rob Peter to pay Paul style of of acquisition—just to get her to STFU she is now funded for every penny she can get until two pay cheques into the future, and will get nothing more until then. Other than how much I hate that mentality it doesn’t bother me much. I know where her concerns lie.

Now what makes me sigh about business as usual, is how fairly “Nice” my mother was in her build up to get to go shopping. Once the money was spent of course, she shifts into freely attacking someone I care about; rather aggressively if it was from a “Normal” person rather than ‘my’ mother. Having gotten what my mother wanted, it was weapons free. So yeah, be nice until you get what you want and then let out the knives without restraint – that’s .