Well, give or take nearly getting into a wreck because ma needed to hit Burger King, today has been a fairly productive day and it’s only half done. Was able to get down to the postal facility ~10 minutes away and turn in the application for my passport. With luck I should be able to start booking stuff in a few weeks if financial issues go according to estimates, well, suitably so. It’s kind of my nature to plan a triade: worst case, probable, and best case, and operate accordingly between the worst and probable cases. But I am very glad that the passport is about done, even if it took weeks for a Saturday appointment lol.

The sad thing, is I’m enjoying the new A Nightmare on Elm Street, and I can’t even remember much of the original! I’ve had some horrible dreams in my time, usually I enjoy them, but I think I would worry if I woke up with claw marks >_>. So far though, it’s quite good, as long as there are no weak stomachs involved, hehehehehe.