Using vim, emacs, or your favourite editor to update Blogger and Facebook

I’ve rigged up a little script that invokes $EDITOR (vim for me) on an HTML file, and then posts the result of the buffer to Blogger like so:

$ google blogger post --title {subject} --src {file name}

And then in turn posts a note like this on my Facebook:

$ fbcmd feednote "Blogger post: {subject}" "I've posted a new journal entry <a href="{url of blogger post here}">here</a>"

Since supplying a file to `google blogger post –src` uses the file name for the –title/subject by default, I’ve yet to.

I’m too lazy to fully-compatibly figure out Blogger shrinks the first part of a post, down to a unique in the month set of <= 40 characters of text, s/ /-/, and stripping punctuation. Maybe if my mother wasn’t on the war path, I would check into googlecl further for a way to modify this behaviour.

edit: check the repo of my ~/ and dot files on github, for a copy of the script. Currently in repo terry as sw/sh/blogit.