Never tru$t family

My financial matters are subject to my income, or should we say, fairly fixed income as I make a Salary. Things are pretty much silced in such a way that I have a savings buffer, an income buffer, and a budget allocation that keeps a tab on the expenses and prevents there being nothing left for a rainy day, when the budget isn’t applicable. If my expense calculations weren’t done the way I do it, I would probably be bankrupt within two years, thanks to my mother’s way of doing it.

Ma overspent her budget for May, so I deducted the overture from her June budget. Well she then blew threw more than a full June budget in rapid order, let along what she was given to work with. That was the first pay cycle in June. Since living with next to nothing for the end of June wasn’t good enough for her, I advanced her money out of my savings: by giving her the equal of what she could draw, until my payday this cycle, under the strict terms that in order to rebalance the equation against what she overspent, she would have to draw NO more than that until this pay cycles payday, come hell or high water.

Well guess what the fuck? She has almost spent her entire budget for this pay cheque before the week I even get paid. Which in effect robs my budget in order to appease her. Most of that she pissed away on non-essential matters. Now she is getting pissy that I will not bow down and suck her toes, sprouting monies out of my ass on demand, since she now needs more cash. I say fuck off bitch. Here is an economics tip: if you have 90% health, medkits heal 25%, and it’s the start of the level, only a retarded monkey uses the medkit before later. I will not keep advancing her money until such point, that my income is negative. When she has already been drawing on future pay cycles, I really am not inclined to comply! You live with what you can afford, or you live with what credit I extend you.

If you rob Peter to pay Paul, you eventually must pay Paul back. Otherwise you spring load yourself (or in this case, me) into a rolling debtzilla. If you slurp up future budgets, you eventually have to pay it back or find new sources of fundulation to cover your overature. Her budget for food alone is sizable enough that we could eat out almost every fucking day of the month, so I believe that is certainly ENOUGH of a budget for two people to eat on at home.

She even had the balls to suggest I ask my boss if I could take off work early on payday, in order to take her shopping. I told her if she wanted that, to sort it with my team leader herself, or to fuck off. So what if I sometimes work a bit late? That doesn’t give her a right to drag me out of work.

So far I see two options: fire her from spending any money of mine and therefore remove her budget totally, or force her very strictly to follow it with the mentality that we can rot in the street naked before she is allowed to extricate more cash, until either she learns Basic Economics, increases her income, or my fixed income goes up.

My tolerance for stupid people goes down rapidly when they are Mean Bitches On Wheels. Some how, I can’t help but remember my friend telling me naively, that my mother should be “Nicer” to me if she wants more money. I’m certainly not inclined to extend my mother any more credit.