Lessons learned

This is an except from a short convo’ about the similarity between programming languages in general.

Me: Most programming languages are pretty much the same, it's just a matter of choosing your headaches
A Friend: well yeh
Me: Lessons learned:
C -> sigh, yet another hash table implementation.
C++ -> error messages should only be written in one of two ways, templates are written in a third.
Java -> please GOD, not again.
C# -> groan, building C/C++ libs is even worse.
Perl -> Yes I know it is unitialized, damn gum it!
JavaScript -> WTF was that mac?
Lisp -> Did someone stick a fork in my eye?
Lua -> off by one errno'
Haskell -> Holy shit my head hurts.
SML -> Cool headfuck but where's the damn batteries?
Shell -> Shame most people SUCK at it...
Cmd -> COBOL just got sexy.
Python -> Can not use contractions.
Ruby -> You lie.
A Friend: you missed php
Me: I respectfully omit PHP as it multiple inherits from several, and adds it's own headaches :-)
A Friend: lol
Me: hehe

That being said, except for the sort order, I would say that Lua probably got the highest marks there lololololololololol.