So, tonight my mother got yet another Blood Glucose Meter, because the one she got from this one company was to inacurrate, and of course the replacement is to. So she has seen it setup a couple of weeks ago plus already has been shown how to use it. My mother must have at least eight different meters by now, six minimal, and they all are programmed and operated the same.

I obliged her by putting the battery in and telling her to do the rest, as she already knows how to use it. But oh wait, the date is wrong. Never mind that AFAIK she doesn’t actually use (let along know how to) the meters memory to record her stuff, in place of paper (oi). I told her to RTFM.

Now not everyone who is not diabetic, or been around those that have (I have for most of my life), setting up the meter is as complex as setting the time on a wrist watch. You push one thing to set/toggle what is highlighted and another to change the current one forward. Easy, simple, universal, and oh so clearly documented in the manual. It is not hard. Maybe wrist watches have gotten harder between when I last bought one eons ago and when cell phones took over but still, it is not that complicated. Seriously, it’s so easy s child doesn’t even need the manual for something like that. Either that or I must have been Really Smart as a small child.

After an endless stream of being used as a substitute for her having to do anything, be it this or other things, I drew the line: either figure it our yourself or I’m charging you all the money you owe me as punishment. Because if you’re not learning to fish by being given the “Nice” treatment, it’s time for to terminate the politeness.

So obliviously, because I don’t think my mother should be allowed to use her lack of ability to use grey matter, and her diabetes as an excuse to have me do everything for her without her learning how to fend for her self even as much as a child can, I am the most rotten bastard one earth? Wow. People need to learn how to fish for themselves.

By now, on the  metres alone, it’s a picture to me that is more or less like a young parent asking an old mother how to diaper a child: sure, I’ll show you but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to diaper your own kids ass.