How technology has impacted my blogging/social media habbits

So far, my blog has seen an interesting return to pretty regular usage? Why? I’m not really any less busy with the stuff that I do, but I find with Andrea that I am posting more frequently. It’s not that the Android app is anything to write home about, in fact I will probably get googlecl loaded on her so that I can use my blogit script. It  is just a matter of convenience! The app icon on my home screen is right there, always in reach, and it is so easy to jot down a quick entry on Andrea.

Thinking about that has also made me realie part of whyI use Google+ so much. The privacy system being almost perfect and something that I’m 110% comfortable with. Having thebutton right on top of the Google pages. It isn’tneccesary to travel very far. When you are busy and either frequently having better things to do or constant interruptions at home.