Your Vehicular Retardation is Showing Again

This morning on the way to work, at one of the side junctions I was fortunate enough to slip into the turn lane while the arrow was still green, but had to content with only a solid green light for turning left. In America that means YIELD to uncomming traffic. To top it off we had a cop dealing with an incident right where I’m aiming to turn. Thus I’ve got to wait on the cop and the oncomming traffic. It’s big enough a side road to have it’s own through traffic, thus a trio stacks up waiting.

The blowhard behind me starts beating his horn, because I won’t choose between getting slammed by oncomming traffic or running OVER a police officer. My response? Give mister retard a nice one fingered salute and wait until it is safe and legal to roll: without causing murder or car more wrecks.

So many people in this state should be ashamed to be on the road!