After a day and a half, when my mother started to bug me again this morning, I decided I was getting out. So, packed my phone & Andrea in my pack, grabbed my open bottle of water, and hit the road. Picked a direction and followed it down the super highway. After some jackass nearly slammed me off with his inept driving, I picked another route, and danced down side roads, until I eventually ended up on a freeway bound for Stone Mountain.

So I spent the day huffing it up the mountain and then trying not to roll back down. Last time I was there, maybe early 2000s, we had taken the lift up to the top and back down. It was kind of nice to get to walk. I can’t help but wonder though, if the power cables being tied off along the trail was some penny pinchers idea of “Oh, we can route power up this way to the snack bar at the summit, then use it for the hikers too!” Just so they wouldn’t have to make a separate trail lol.

Definitely though, I prefer back woods over mountains!