force close on my ASUS Transformer – solved

This isn’t an issue I’ve encountered before but since last night, I’ve been getting these. Very regularly. Today, I noticed an association between this and using the web browser.  Sure enough if I went into Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> that Google account; and unchecked “Sync Browser”, it stopped. Like wise if I toggled it back on, it would rapidly force close.

Being more scientific, I toggled sync on/off for some other Google services without getting any force closes. Problem therefore became, how to fix this?

Android apps generally store their data under /data/data/package-name; where typically /data/data is your internal memory and package-name is a Java dotted package name like; that’s just how it is I’m afraid. Inside, I noticed nothing very interesting. Mostly an XML file related to settings and some databases. This is a Good Thing ™ except Fuck Your Life if you want more stuff on your memory card; unless you get hacky with mount points and linkages that is. Now, being frugal, I created an archive of this data folder ( from my root shell, then went into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> Browser, force closed the browser and hit clear data. Problem solved.

Being of the SQLite3 varity, I’m sure I could splice anything of interest out of the backup back into the new Browser setup, but I’d rather get more done. An advantage of the important parts being either in cloud (book marks) or brain (passwords, etc), is the lossage is minimum. If anyone has more data on what causes it to go wonky, or on in general, I’d be interested in your comments.

Someday I really would like to get myself a git checkout of the Android source, but I think I will wait until after Ice Cream Sandwich for that.