Changes coming

At some point, greater integration between / and a number of other stuff should be coming. One that is already apparent or should be, is my entries here now carry my name rather than my call sign. That’s part of the Google+ Profie integration that has hit Blogger in Draft. I could easily change it back now that real names needen’t be used on G+ (which has always been against Facebooks policies AFAIK), but for sharing the same display name across Google Mail, Talk, Plus, and Blogger, it’s worth it to me to use my name.

Spidey01 is my call sign of choice, and very much a piece of who I am. It’s something I’m comfortable with, associating my Digital Presence with my Physical Presence as it were. My blogs side bar has always carried Spidey01 / TerryP on it, and unravelling the rest non-trivial for the initiated or the persistent; thus no fear.

Pretaining to this blog itself, I’d rather like to experiment with a darker and more computeresque theme, the teasing page at my site probably should clue one in on what sort of look I’m interested in. It will probably wait for a stretch of free time though, where I can tweak things to taste. General restructuring and house keeping also needs doing. Content wise, there’s a number of things I’m interested in presuing. I have been doing a lot with the conversion to using Android as my main computer, both for personal tasks I do every day and for programming. Since I’ve been exploring the market a lot more, there’s apps I would like to note here before they swap out of storage someday. More or less the same for a few programming ideas of my own, hehe. There is a chunk of “Posts of Note” that will eventually be moved out of my personal notes and become a page here or at the main domain.

Google+ arguably fits my life better than any other resource for such stuff like this, in terms of connecting with my friends. Facebook and Twitter users, you are just left out in the cold, sorry; the most you get is an alternative to my RSS feed here. Where as Google+ is better for sharing with friends and stuff that peers would probably tweet, I find Blogger more comfortable for organizing content, and finding it again. Stuff that goes on G+ is more aimed at sharing, stuff here is more Me oriented. That’s why I tend to call it a “Journal” and only use “Blog” for consumption by others. Stuff kept in my journal is principally for me, and offered for where it may be useful. I will be rather happy someday if there is an integration between Blogger and G+ that would use the same permissions and commenting engine (while retaining the existing login options for non G+ users) but really don’t expect it to ever happen. In the  mean time, I just hope that the Google+ API expands and that it will eventually become like Twitter in that regard.

Or in short: G+ -> for the water cooler; Blogger -> for the journal.