Thoughts on “Why Devs hate PC Gamers”

Was reading this article today and it basically laments that game developers gate PC gamers because of the piracy. While I can’t agree with most of the remarks about DRM, even less so being a programmer. I’ve written a bit in the past about how I feel about DRM.

What I do generally agree with though, is this persons views on pirates. I don’t pirate crap. I don’t even mind paying for crap if it’s worth having. Most games I can’t say are worth the release price, so I don’t buy them. Personally, the only distinction that I see between console and PC for piracy is that it is harder for the technically innept masses to steal. As the tech-line blurs and development becomes a bit more related, that’s going to change. Just look at the current generation of consoles versus say, the original Nintendo.