Laziness meets frequency

Soething that I have been thinking about, or princiaplly that I’ve been to lazy to transfer over googlecl stuff from Alice to Andrea, and for how much my notes management stuff has grown. I’m thinking that my journal entries will likely start to collect into my “Scratch Notes” file, and eventually pushed off into here. Pretty much, my notes system has to solve various problems.

  • Good support for recording structured information.
  • History management; what changed and when.
  • Simple and readily accessible enough to collect/manage unstructured and “In-progress” information.

The first two are what most systems fail at, doing the latter, hell you can do with a collection of Post It! Notes if you know how not to spill your drink. Having a vim session running in dtach, that I can share e.g. between multiple tmux/screen sessions, helps. But it’s really my “Scratch Notes” file that makes it easy. It’s a structured dumping bin for the here and now: what I’m doing or what I want to note. Things either get aged off; “Eh, ain’t parsed that in a month, bye, bye!”; or being transitioned to a suitable file. For example, while working on X, I may make notes applicable to Y and Z; afterwards I rip them out at leasire and incorperate them into suitable notes. I attribute the concept of a “Scratch” note to Emacs. It has a *scratch* buffer open initially, where you can collect snippets of text you don’t want to save, and can readily evaluate elisp code; very fundimental for emacs users. Me, well, I kind of like the same idea, but in a more perm’ note.