Yesterday was a nice bit of fun. On top of not so good dreams, I end up *sailing* home at 60mph when it is practically raining fleshpounds outside—and I do mean sailing! All because my mother is wigging out over the weather report. By the time I’m nearly there, and there is barely a freaking drizzle in Duluth, compared to John’s Creek, she texts me saying the tornado was cancled. Poppycock! Then to top it off, while I’m working from home, she pesters me enough that I quit work early to take her fucking shopping to shut her the fuck up. And guess what? While I’m unloading the car there is such a flash monsoon that my feet and one eye was all that was left dry, guess the boots worked. Literally it was worse than showering with your clothes on. Of course, it was over by the time I was done, leaving me drenched. 

My vote is still she wanted to go shopping ASAP. Pest.